Alternative Protein – Future of Food

A hype or THE future?

1 hr
Presented by:

NUS Enterprise

Panel Discussion

A hype or THE future? In this exciting discussion, we deep dive into the alternative protein landscape, as experts share their viewpoints on the trends and tech in this area. We will also explore various facets of cell-cultured future protein, serum-free media, to cell-cultured seafood, to best cuts of meat proprietary tissue building block and meat cut technology.  

Date: Monday, 7 December 2020
4pm - 5.30pm
Where: Innovation Made Real @ Singapore Science Park at SWITCH 2020


1. Mihir Pershad, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Umami Meats
2. Prof. Can Akcali, Chief Science Officer, Biftek Co.
3. Ong Shujian, Co-founder & Director of Research and Development, Ants Innovate
4. Vinayaka Srinivas, Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder, GaiaFoods

Moderated by:

Lim Jie Ai, Ecosystem Development Developer & Programme Manager, NUS Enterprise @ Singapore Science Park
Matthew Zhao, Food Scientist, Big Idea Ventures

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